About us

SKIANA®, a project led by Specialists in Dermatology, Health and Wellbeing.


We quantify skin problems using artificial intelligence


We participate in R+D Health projects


We help people to improve their wellbeing status through the skin from anywhere

SKIANA® Trials

We objectively measure the skin´s effect of health and wellbeing products

taking care of yourself without filters

  • SKIANA® CARE APP helps you to take care of your skin in a personalized manner.
  • Learn more about your skin and how you can improve your skincare.
  • Join us in the SKIANA® Community and start taking care of yourself.


Your personal virtual assistant who:

  • Will analyze your skin in just few seconds.
  • Will help you make the best decisions for your skin.
  • Will offer you personalized health tips to improve your health and wellness status.

Made by Health Experts

Download here your personal assistant.


SKIANA® participates and collaborates with other entities in order to:

  • Give value to Dermatology and other medical specialties in health technological projects.
  • Be part of technological consortiums within European proposals as a specialized partner in Artificial Intelligence, Dermatology and Health.
  • Develop multidisciplinary projects in the public-private sector to implement new solutions in E-Health.


  • The first intelligent virtual assistant that helps in generate personalized advices for patients.
  • Oriented to Health and Wellness Professionals.
  • Aimed at improving the professional-patient relationship.

SKIANA® Trials

  • The first intelligent image quantifier developed by healthcare experts for clinical trials and studies.
  • Based on Artificial Intelligence.
  • Aimed at objectifying the results obtained in interventions carried out on the skin.


  • Psoriasis.
  • Acne.
  • Photoaging.
  • New algoritms under construction.

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