Frequently Asked Questions


The SKIANA® projectwas born from the need to develop algorithms for the recognition and quantification of different skin diseases from the Expert in Dermatology leadership.

In this sense the project is formed by:

  • Dermatology specialists with experience in image analysis, who led the development of algorithms aimed at generating extra information to other doctors and interested patients.
  • Experts in other areas of Health, to generate additional algorithms that facilitate the life of the professional and the end user.

  • Engineers with expertise in Artificial Intelligence specialized in medical image processing, who will support Health experts to create valuable products

The main objective of the SKIANA® project is to generate valuable products that make life easier for Health professionals and the general population.

  • SKIANA® CARE APPis thefirst virtual assistantfor products related to Healthand Well-being.

  • It is a tool that learns day by day

  • SKIANA® APP aims to develop “Ethical Cosmetics”. For this purpose:

    • It is kept up to date based on accurate and reliable information.

    • The content included is based on scientific evidence

    • The information provided has been verified by the competent authorities.


1st SKIANA® CARE APP does not replace the Dermatology specialist., who will always be in charge of establishing any medical diagnosis and guiding you in the health problems of your skin.

2ndWe recommend that you visit your dermatologist AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR. to keep your skin cared for and controlled by expert hands.


3. Why SKIANA®CARE APP has been developed?
  • SKIANA® CARE APP has born with the main mission of helping the population to improve their health, starting from the skin.
    • To meet the objective SKIANA® CARE APP will generate advice and information based on purely scientific criteria, always with a personalized nature adjusted to the user.
  • SKIANA® CARE APP has born to help the cosmetic user learn to take care of their skin in a personalized way and to better understand what is applied to the largest organ of their body, using those products that best adapt to their skin and general care.

    • Every year we find an exponential increase in the number of laboratories and cosmetic products, to the point of finding more than 30,000 different products on the market.
    • The high quantity of products means that most cosmetic needs are covered.
    • However, when considering which are the most effective and safest products for the skin of each cosmetic user, it is impossible to generate the perfect recommendation.
    • SKIANA®CARE APP aims to be a support for your best cosmetics choice.
4. Why SKIANA®CARE APP is different?
  • Unlike other projects aimed at improving people’s health, this is the first developed by a group of dermatologists, allergologists, experts in Cosmetics and Health, who decide to train engineers to develop this exclusive product.
  • For its development, we have counted and continue to collaborate with expert pharmacologists and all those medical and / or cosmetic specialties that could contribute their grain of sand in offering the best product for the user.
  • SKIANA® CARE APP, given its active behavior, is always updating her knowledge and allows the user to give their opinion about the different recommendations, so that the system is increasingly adapted to the person that matters most to us, the user.
5. How does SKIANA® CARE APP work?
  1. Analyzes the real status of your skin at this moment through its own facial cosmetic biometric analysis.
  2. Studies the information you have included in your smart questionnaire
  3. Through a predictive cosmetic algorithm developed by experts in cosmetics and health, through a matchmaking procedure selects those products that best suit your skin.
  4. Through the exhaustive analysis of the type of ingredients, the product’s processing method, care for the environment, and the scientific evidence of each of the products included in the database, allows us to generate an affinity algorithm for your skin to products.
  5. The information that SKIANA® CARE APP feeds the information for the analysis of the product database, which is previously evaluated by the Medical and Cosmetic Committee of SKIANA® in order to ensure that all recommendations are of high quality and safety for the user.


6. How SKIANA®CARE APP has been funded?
  • SKIANA® takes its first steps in 2017, with the first draft of the project.
  • In 2018 a first financing is obtained from a nationally competitive project, ACTTiVAte project, included in the Horizon 2020 EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. (
  • In 2019 the definitive leap is made when entering into the Microsoft® Scale Up Startup plan.
  • In 2020 the SKIANA® project receives financing within the prestigious competitive international grants from the European Union (European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme) Grant agreement nº 885806 (SME Instrument)


7. Which products are included in SKIANA®CARE APP database?

SKIANA® CARE APP includes in its database the products of all those pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratories, both conventional, ecological, vegan, or natural, as well as health and wellness device companies that decide to accept SKIANA® quality rules and submit to its product profiling methodology. This fact guarantees a reliable analysis and avoids any conflict of interest in the analysis and in the recommendation of the products.

*In case of sponsored products, the system will clearly highlight it, but as long as it meets the affinity and security criteria established by SKIANA®.

SKIANA® CARE APP only accepts in its database those products from companies that meet the safety and efficacy criteria of the competent authorities and the European Community (; Regulation (EC) Nº1223/2009)

8. Can I include my cosmetic products in the SKIANA®CARE APP database?

-Of course, as long as the products have quality and approval certificates for marketing.

-To find out more, write to us at

9. What is the SKIANA® Community?

The SKIANA® Community is a Health network whose main purpose is to improve and maintain the state of health and well-being of our skin and body.

10. What is a Skianer?

A Skianer is you, or any user who decides to be part of our Health and wellness community.

As a Skianer you can:

  • Analyze the state of your skin

  • Receive personalized advice to improve your state of well-being and health

  • Generate your own opinions that SKIANA® CARE APP will take into account to improve and give her best.

  • Receive a report of personalized cosmetic recommendations to start caring for your skin

  • Locate those products that you would like to try in order to start enjoying them as soon as possible.

  • Receive the best offers of the products that SKIANA® CARE APP personalizes just for you.

  • Use your SKIANA®CARE APP information for your future cosmetic consultancies always carried out by experts in Health and Wellbeing.


11. Predictive cosmetics. What is it?

Predictive cosmetics, adapting it to the medical term, is a field of medicine that involves predicting the probability of photoaging and instituting preventive measures to prevent early aging completely or significantly reduce its impact on the user, in order to improve the state of health and long-term wellness.

12. What are the bases for the generation of SKIANA® CARE APP recommendations?
SKIANA® CARE APP generates personalized recommendations based on 6 elements:
1. The reality of your skin.
Because not all skins are the same, and because there are many factors that can influence your skin, SKIANA® CARE APP generates its recommendations after knowing you in depth after applying our Facial Skin Analysis,SKIANA® ‘s image algorithm that analyzesyour skin and generates accurate information on the state of your skin at the present time.
2. The state of your health and well-being.
Because the skin is influenced by the different external and internal factors that surround your skin, SKIANA® CARE APP uses the information you enter into the system to adapt your recommendations to each moment of your life.

3. Your personal tastes
Because as the saying “There is nothing written about tastes”, SKIANA® CARE APP will adapt its recommendations to your tastes, while maintaining the rigor of efficacy and safety of the SKIANA® Algorithm.

4. Your allergies and intolerances
Because most products, regardless of whether they are conventional, natural, vegan, vegetarian, bio or organic, can present potentially allergic ingredients collected within the European Community cosmetic safety platform, SKIANA® CARE APP will adapt its recommendations to your tastes, while maintaining the rigor of efficacy and safety of the SKIANA® Algorithm.
Mark the ingredients in the corresponding section, and our algorithm will exclude from the selection of all those products that contain them among their ingredients as long as they are well reflected in accordance with European regulations.

5. Analysis of ingredients
Because not all the ingredients are the same nor have the same purposes and importance, SKIANA® CARE APP analyzes the list of the composition product by product and, based on the data currently published by the European Community (, excludes all those with potential risks to the user.

6. Implementation of the latest advances in the field of aesthetics, medicine and safety
The SKIANA® CARE APP algorithms are not static but are constantly being updated by our experts in cosmetics and health care, always from the scientific rigor from which your skin must be treated.

Our sources:
– Scientific articles indexed in Pubmed (
Pubmed represents the world’s largest library of biomedical literature articles and citations, health science journals, and online books, with over 30 million citations. Citations may include links to full texts from PubMed Central and from the magazine’s own websites.
Studies, consolidated data and other information from the European Commission
The participation of the European Union mainly refers to the regulatory framework for market access, international trade relations and regulatory convergence. All of this aims to guarantee the highest level of consumer safety while promoting innovation and competitiveness in this sector.

13. I can't find the cosmetic ingredient I'm allergic to in the SKIANA®CARE APP questionnaire.
  • The SKIANA® CARE APP ingredient list includes only potentially allergenic ingredients recognized by European organizations that work for safety in the use of cosmetics.

  • The names on the list follow the INCI name (International nomenclature of cosmetic Ingredients).

  • Do not know what is the INCI name of your ingredient? Find it at: )

  • If you have questions, write to and we will help you with your problem.


14. Do you have any other question about SKIANA®CARE APP?

Send us an email to and we will solve your doubts as soon as possible.