Detection and quantification
of skin problems

Why to use SKIANA® imaging trials?

  • SKIANA® trials seek to cover the need to improve the evaluation of changes in the skin currently based on subjective measurements:

    • Facilitating the measurement of severity scales of different diseases such as psoriasis through artificial intelligence.
    • Processing the objective information generated through the skin for subsequent data analysis.

What does SKIANA imaging trials allow in a clinical study?

  • To obtain structured reports of objective efficacy data for a product aimed at improving skin health.
  • To monitor the real effectiveness of the products on a daily basis.
  • Early detection of possible skin problems associated with the health product.
  • Have a team of experts in Dermatology and Health who monitor the process and support the interpretation of the results generated (see more).


  • SKIANA Acne Analytics
    • Real time quantification of acne´s severity
    • Quantification of rosacea´s severity
  • SKIANA Aging Analytics
    • Real-time quantification of the changes that define aging
      • Degree of photoaging
      • Facial flaccidity
      • Eyelids Sagging
      • Facial elasticity
      • Skin Spots
  • SKIANA Psors Analytics
    • Real-time quantification of psoriasis severity

Skiana Trials

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