Collaboration in the development of Health and Wellbeing projects


Our R&D objective: To promote health through the skin

  • Development of multidisciplinary public-private projects.
  • Development of new health quantification algorithms.
  • Generation of objective information for decision making within collaborative projects.

SKIANA is a pioneer project in clinical image quantification

  • Led by experts in Health and Wellbeing.
  • Made by and for Health professionals.
  • Focused on the patient.
  • Aimed at generating models for the recognition and quantification of different skin health problems.
  • Supported by an International Scientific Committee that allows us to adapt to any need.

SKIANA as a partner of R&D projects


In order to keep moving forward, SKIANA® …

  • Is part of Consortiums and work with third parties to implement solutions that improve the health and well-being of the SKIANA Family.
  • Has an international scientific committee to be able to advance in the development of Health quantification.

Some of our new collaborative R&D projects

2018: ACTTiVAte competitive grant (H2020 project). Scanface®, Phenotipic cutaneous analysis: Biomarker definitions (see more ACTTiVAte project – Pan European Clusters for Technology Transfer & new Value chains)
2018: IIS-Carlos III IMAPSORS: Multicenter validation study for Psoriasis: Definition of Psoriatic cutaneous biomarkers.
2019 NEOTEC competitive grant (Spanish Ministry of Industry), collaborating with DNAactive® SL applying imaging analysis in psoriasis grading and pattern recognition to evaluate custom-made creams for psoriasis.
2019 Microsoft®Scale Up Grant program. Phase I Cloud Development (see more)
2019: SME Phase 1 H2020 Grant: THE FACE Project. Biometric facial analysis to analyse the facial wellbeing (see more)
2020-2021 Microsoft®Scale Up Grant program. Phase II Scalation (see more)

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